My Area

I look forward to helping you buy and sell properties in Restoule, Commanda, Powassan and surrounding areas.
Also, I am very fortunate to continue working with a team of professionals in the Wasage Beach and Georgian Bay areas, where we specialize in helping clients buy and sell homes.

My real estate knowledge also expands to the GTA, having the privilege of working with an experienced real estate agent with over 47 years experience, who, like me, wants to help you find the perfect property, or work with you to sell your property.

Let me, and my team, help you find your dream home, cottage, lot or commercial property. Thinking of selling, we will provide honest, ethical and professional guidance.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you fulfill your property dream. 


Did you know…
In the spring of 2008, two pairs of endangered Piping Povers nested at Wasaga Beach. There are approxi-ately 2,000 of these birds along the east coast, but only 55 pairs in the Great Lakes area. Only one of these pairs nested in Ontario last year (at Sauble Beach), which was the first nesting pair in Ontario since 1977.

The piping plover is endangered because its nesting habits are under threat. These birds nest in small "scrapes" on beaches, where, of course, we all like to play.

Two nests were protected by Wasaga Beach Provincial Park officials and after four weeks, two of the eight chicks survived. The two chicks were examined on July 3rd and found to be in excellent physical condition.